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Eras of Anime
PreAnime (1917-62) - The story of anime starts around the time when mostion picture industry started in japan. most if the animation was crued. durning world war II it was used for propaganda reasons to promote patritisum in japan.

Begining of Modern Anime (1960's) - before I start this section off I would like to point out a historical events that were going on in the world around the time which may or may not of shaped eairly anime ideas. In america around the 1950 and later a new ideas was brought forth by a man named John McCarthy, this idea was A.I. or artificial intelegence. I think this idea influenced anime during this time period a lot of anime in particular, Osamu Tezuka (1928-89) made a lot of anime dealing with this new concept. Though I have no real proof or reserch to back up the claim, but these events have some corralation or at least in my mind. now onward with our historical trip. In 1962, Mushi Productions, founded by Osamu Tezuka, released its first theatrical title, Aru Machikado no Monogatari (The Story of a Certain Street Corner). In june of that year the Otagi company's Manga Calendar, aired; the program ran until august 1964. In 1963 Mushi productions aired its first tv series Tetsuwan Atom. Shortly there after Tetsuwan Atom was being shown in america where it was called Astro boy its was dubed in engish so that more americans would watch. most of the anime durning this time dealt with robots and cyborgers and the debate that they my or could develop feelings or even a soul. I feel that these ideas are the essence of A.I. and that is way I feel the cration of the A.I. feild had a strong effect on anime. as a final note these earily anime series are the prediessor to all the mech and big robot anime that we are all used to.

Infencey of Anime (1970's) -

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