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Intoduction to KNA - What can I say I love anime.

Welecome to Kurakkuboi no Anime (kurakkuboi's anime) the main purpose of this web site is to share information about anime, especially my collection and some stuff I don't have. The site isn't as detailed as some others but its a good quick reference site. The type of information you will find here are things like, different titles (i.e. english title, japanese title, and some alternitive titles), series type (i.e. TV, OAV, or a movie [I know a movie isn't a series]), genre, total number of episodes in the series, and finally for some of the anime the episode titles (in english).

Intoduction to Anime - all the stuff you know and don't know about anime.

This introduction is for the people that don't know a lot about anime (but know they love it). veterns anime fans may find this boring but keep reading you may learn something you didn't know! where to begine where to begin.... ah yes manga (Ma-n-ga) or comics.

Manga - Most anime show are based on popular manga series. in the 1980 things begain to change when manga started coming out based on tv shows and OAV (or Original Animated Video, more on that later). Manga is still the larger market in japan because it is much cheeper to make comics than anime. Manga is also a large part of everyday life in japan, the strong people to manga is not like the pull americans have to comics but more like the pull that amaericans get from broadcast TV. Manga is released differently in japan than in america. In america most are stand-a-lone books where most manga is realased most of the time in genre spaific magazines where each issue will have multiple manga titles. a lot of the time really popular manga series are collected and are made in to collecter's books, which are sometimes hardcover. these are called "Tankobon" (Ta-n-koe-boe-n).

Anime - Pronounced ah-nee-may is the term used for japanese animation. its origins is quite simple, it comes from accepting loan words (or words from another language) into mainstream vocabulary. For example take the words "word processer" in japan they barrowed this word from english but canged it a little the word for "word processer" is waapuro, all loan words are written in katakana. back to the word anime it comes from animeation or anime. This is not just a phonomon in japanese language but english has a this phonomon too for instance the word allagator comes from the spansh la gator or "the gator". I have pondered greatly on where I should go next and I have decieded to start with the a little history.

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