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2010-12-30 17:16:59

Well its been 6 years! I recently updated the DB tables. I got a new place to host the page(as well as my other projects). I havent updated any of the coding for the site. At this time I'm not sure if I will updating (or even finishing certain sections). I do plan to add to the db and get that straight.

2004-04-26 14:15:08

I made a table to hold the news data in and corrected the php page to query the database for it. this is a test to see if it workd!!!

2004-04-26 13:04:46

I've been fixing the layout of the web page; some tables' sizes were different between pages. I also stream lined the JavaScript rollovers code. I been thinking about doing the roll-overs in php... maybe some day... I been also been trying to finish the browsing php pages but classes get in the way... damn classes. Soon I will have this damn thing done. As for the forum and the many other pages, I will not be able to finish them until I get free time, aka this summer.

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